Thursday, April 9

This Is My Hallelujah

Here are the lyrics to the song I played at the evening advent service last winter.

Verse 1:
This is my hallelujah,
the forced verbatim of regret
when all my wounds are predicated by my faults.
This is my hallelujah,
when whispered pleas cannot be heard
amidst the raucous of my insurrection.

Verse 2:
This is my hallelujah,
when falling is a frequency.
My heart is far too calloused to be redeemable.
This is my hallelujah,
when battle cries are choked with tears
and understanding is a desperate prayer unanswered.

Chorus 1:
This is where hands and knees
find themselves on equal ground,
and there's no antidote of words
to make this hallelujah sound.
All the wishing in the world
could never be the magic touch
for the saving of this life.
I'm not asking for that much
amazing grace.

Chorus 2:
We hold our breath and cut our losses
waiting out subconscious storms,
never counting on redemption
or the penitence it forms.
All the guise of optimism
still could never be enough
to bring life to empty tissue.
Am I asking for too much
amazing grace?

Verse 3:
This is my hallelujah,
the only way that I can say,
"Life is hard, but it's what I've been given,
and who'm I too complain."


  1. I like this.

    I also noticed that you like to use the word penitence.

    This is corey by the way.

  2. I do like that word. It's got a lot of embedded meaning.