Friday, April 10

Peter's Prayer

Verse 1:
Don't you think you might
have made a mistake when you called me Peter.
I don't feel like a rock sometimes.
But all of my short-comings are nothing
compared to tonight's underachievement.

Chorus 1:
A classic example of misunderstanding,
I'm giving the rooster three chances to crow.
I'm sleeping in gardens when I should be praying.
The spirit is willing, but the rest of me's weak.
So maybe I'm not a straight forward Judas,
but sometimes I feel this pretension is worse.
And questions arise as my loyalties waver.
I'll be looking for answers at the foot of cross.

Verse 2:
Don't you think you might have made a mistake
when you called me to follow.
My credentials were questionable.
And tonight I have proved my disqualifications
outnumber my strengths.
I'd like to resign my post.

Chorus 2:
Denial is bitter and clings to the conscience.
I did what I swore I never would do.
I made compromises till any progress was forfeit
from humiliation that shouldn't exist.
Your crucified body will call me deserter.
The wounds you sustain should've also been mine.
You called me disciple and I called you a stranger.
I hope there's forgiveness at the foot of your cross.

And it seems so ironic I'm cutting off ears
when I don't seem to listen myself.
You said all along it would happen this way,
but I'm drawing swords nonetheless.
And if that had been the extent of my sin
I could've forgiven myself,
but my treason runs deeper; I've disavowed all knowledge
of You to save my own skin.

Verse 3:
Don't you think you might have made a mistake
in trusting my heart.
I don't feel redeemable.


  1. I think that is a great song. Let me hear it if you ever record it.

  2. It's already recorded . . . just a guitar and vocals, but it's something.