Thursday, April 9

God Who Saves

People have commented that they like the content of this song, so I thought I'd post the lyrics.

Verse 1:
You are the God of second chances,
when Your children seek Your face.
You are the faithful rescuer.
You are the God of the week and broken.
Even the undeserving find
You have grace enough to save.

For Your grace is everlasting
and Your mercy never fails
and Your love is farther reaching
than East and West.
You have mercy on the humble,
You uphold the penitent,
and the contrite in spirit
find hope in You,
the God who saves.

Verse 2:
You are the God of unthrown stones
and Your redemption is enough
to save me from myself.
You are the God of endless favor - 
friend of sinners, saving grace.
None can fall beyond Your reach.

Your mercy is enough to save a wretch like me.
Your love is greater than my need could ever be.
Your faithfulness, oh God, could mend the sinner's ways.
Your blood will never fail; it is still enough to save.

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