Tuesday, April 28

The Original Match Restruck

At the ARC conference last weekend, I took "notes" during Ned Berube's Friday morning talk, but I put them in the form of a poem. So the following poem is a compilation of phrases from Ned's talk. I did, however, modify, rearrange, and occasionally supplement Ned's ideas. I'm still playing with titles. Originally, it was the title of Ned's talk, "Gifts, Generations, and Genders," but that's not really what the poem is about. I like the phrase from the poem, "The original match restruck," which I have considered as a title. I feel like there is something more summative, however, something perhaps containing all or some of the following words or concepts: alliance, rebuilding, resurgence, revolution, movement, starting again, roots, investigating . . . it's far too long a list to make into a workable title. I have settled on "the original match restruck" for now, but I am not a big fan of using a line from the poem as the title, so if you have any suggestions, I would like to hear them.

Getting a lens,
we feel weight,
the weight of deposit
passed on.
Every Sunday
could be it –
the future clear, shifting.
We need to adjust.
We’ve tried to hold the fort.
What are we doing?
Very specific things.
In this season of
repentance: by all means,
win some.
After so many years,
my care was not shown
in anything tangible.
There are places I have,
in my own heart, lost.
But Jesus is interested
in talking: “I’m not sure
about this.”
It’s too settled.
This is not the New Testament.
If we don’t pay attention
in a place of restoration . . .
He is deeply interested
in displaying in a continual way.
We focus to extremes,
becoming “holier” and forget
that we are here,
extended into the mission.
Not only His image physically,
but relationally – how we
live out the life of Trinity:
Father, Son, Spirit
in relationship.
My heart thrills
that I have needs.
This is what disciples are.
This is the ongoing mission.
This is who you are:
salt and light,
light uncovered.
What does it mean
to put the light on the stand?
Glory to the Father,
us becoming
more like Jesus.
This is why you’re here.
This, to me, is such
stunning expression
of the heart of Christ.
This prayer encapsulates
the image and mission
of God.
For their unity, for
their joy – oneness.
How hard is that?
It takes work,
complete unity.
Have you noticed
how we are doing?
If we don’t get there,
we’re going to be
ineffective. You can’t ignore
how you walk.
How are we doing
bearing? In love?
How long do I have to
be with you people?

I’d be done,
as He’s getting ready
to die.
And He washes
their feet.
That’s bearing.
That’s extending
into lives undeserving.
There is only one
oneness. We have to
keep working on this –
repentance, Christ
calling us into these places
until we attain to the measure
of the stature of the fullness
of God.
Not the silliness of titles,
edging in front of others.
Rather, speak the truth
in love. We’re pouring
into for the purpose of
releasing. The resonant
gifts are insufficient.
Analyze the stuck places.
(You do have stuck places.)
It’s a little uncomfortable.
To our great benefit,
we’ve heard objectively:
maybe you shouldn’t
do that anymore
In the context of relationship,
feel free to irritate.
Because I’m trying to say
too much, there’s something
to pay attention to.
Cultural segmentation
and disintegration:
the curse of fatherlessness.
People are not being healed.
We find the
extension of brokenness,
the devastating effects.
Now we are living with
ramifications in full bloom.
A steep learning curve.
I just feel unmatched.
We all have to learn
what we are loving.
We all have to learn
what we are living
among, what’s going on.
The strength and vitality
of a younger generation,
the wisdom of
an older generation
working together,
the last thing Jesus
taught before He died.
The lost tier is
uninterested. Checked out.
But you don’t really care.
The repentance of saying,
“We haven’t done this well,”
is a volatile beauty.
We are the most unlikely
to reach out.
The direction doesn’t change
in a really smooth way.
Is that the best exegesis?
Turned hearts?
I’m still repenting!
It became an issue
of talking to people.
We read the book,
we took the notes,
but it’s not enough.
We have to keep
pressing towards it
till we look incompetent.
We want to be
too all-knowing.
There’s no future in that.
There’s inconformity
to Christ.
Repentance and faith and
empowerment and mission
don’t change.
You have to become.
This is the heart of Christ.
This is the space,
the substance, the liquid.
Nobody resists being loved.
How we receive love
is an issue.
You can’t
do this alone.
Forget about you and
me. Together, somehow,
we do it.
A gray organization
living something
clear, giving something,
passing it backwards.
One point of repentance:
I want to change.
I’ve got to pay attention
to the original match
restruck. Not the exact
same thing, but roots.
I hope we have not
become conservative,
holding on. Let’s
give it away.
Engage it again.
A lot of what God is doing
is giving Samuel to Eli.
The anointing comes on,
the clothes to become
who we are.
Get Samuel ready.
He might have
something to contribute.
Everyone tracks back
to relationship,
how we understand
fatherhood. Do you
think Jesus prayed this?
Meant this?

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  1. What a blessing, Andrew!!! So much meat in here to think about and mull over. "I'll be back" (said in Arnold Schwartzenaggar tone) to read and reread this again and again. As far as a title? Sat and thought just a little bit. One phrase I got was "Moving Back to Forward" but that still by no means captures everything that's here, nor is it exactly catchy. Thanks again for this compilation/poem. It's an amazing stream of thought that really moves ya!