Thursday, September 6


A few Sundays ago, Rick Jacox said, "What he's calling you to die to is going to kill you anyway. But if you willingly die, He will give you life." The truth of this astounds me even now. We are so afraid to surrender what God is tugging on, so afraid to be crucified in the specifics of our lives, that we fail to understand that life, not death, is the result of surrender. Too often we allow the immediate sting of loss to dictate what we will and will not surrender, or as we justify it to ourselves, what we can and cannot surrender. I am reminded of the lion with the honey in it that Sampson discovers. Out of death comes life. All concerns aside from Jesus lead only to death, but when we lay down those concerns willingly, when we die to them, we find life springing out of those same places. Each time we die a little death, life abounds correspondingly.

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  1. hey, I like your blogs!!! i don't know why no one comments on them, they are GOOD! ... hope you are well, and guess what, i have one too!!