Wednesday, November 16

Devotional - John 1:6

"There came a man sent from God whose name was John."

God's calling has the holy annoyance of failing to take into account the fact that I am just a man. We are to be found fighting the call of God with lines like "who am I?" and "I'm just a man," and often, like Moses, we say, "send someone else." God is unconcerned with who we think we are. He knows us better than that. We may be just average men and women, and we may be poor ones, but in the thing to which God has called us, we are more than conquerors. God does not call us to the thigns we can't do. He does not call me, for example, to be an artist because he did not give me the gift of art. God always calls us to minister through our gifts, through the things that He has given us. So when the calling comes no matter how not you it may feel, God has prepared you for it. Simply substitute your name for John's and you will see that you are able to do whatever God is calling you to do, because He is already present in the situation. To say, "there came a man whose name was John" is dangerous, but John was "sent by God." He was just a man, but his sending was divine. When God has placed Himself in our calling, the safest place to be, no matter how overwhelming it feels, is in that calling as well.

On the other hand, it is important to remember that we are only men and that God's calling is the important thing. It is dangerous to hesitate when God calls but equally dangerous, if not more dangerous, to rush in without God's call, or to rush in with God's call thinking ourselves more than what we are. The calling is always reliant on God's power, not on our own ability, though God does not call us to things for which we do not have the ability. Thus when the impulse comes to do this or that, there are two important considerations to make: First, am I only a man? That is, have I lowered my estimation of myself appropriately (or am I going to try this on my own power)? Second, am I sent by God? If either is out of place, the whole enterprise will collapse around us.

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