Monday, November 15

A Recent Prophecy

This is something I sent to Juli Parsons in an email sometime ago. She recently read it Sunday morning, and there was good response, so I thought it appropriate to post.

Hold fast to the truth when the skies have dried up and the desert surrounds you. Stand in firm confidence of the coming flood, for the mercies of the Lord are a great tidal wave and His grace a thunderous waterfall. His cleansing washes over His people and they are renewed. The Spirit of the Lord is moving. He is a raging bull, a hungry lion tracking its prey and He will not be denied. He will have His way. He will bring you out of Egypt and into His promised land, a land rich with the mercies of His love. You who lay bricks beneath the whip and build other men's cities will taste again the freedom that comes only from the Lord. He has chased away the enemy from before you; even the wind retreats at the sound of His footfall. Take courage oh Israel; your strength is not your own, for nations rise and fall but not a single day dawns apart from the Lord. He is a strong tower and a rallying banner and He is calling you forth from hiding and into battle but fear not the battle for the Lord, who formed the heavens and the earth, will fight for you. He will be your sword and your shield and the enemy will flee before you. You will take back the ground that has been stolen from under you and will advance into the enemies territory, conquering any that stand in your way for the Lord is a consuming fire, eager and willing to protect His children. Do not be frightened by the fire of the Lord, for it is death to your enemies and purification for you souls. Stand firm in the mercies of God, knowing His grace is bigger than any stronghold, than any shortcoming, that any failure, for the love of the Lord is enduring, perfect in every way, casting out the fear that corrupts, and restoring the wounded heart. The Lord is a mighty warrior; who do we have to fear? Is there one who can stand against the God of creation? Or who was there when He set the stars in place? Surely our God can save us in our time of need and surely, with Him, we are more than conquerors.

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