Thursday, November 25

Devotional: John 1:3

"All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being."

What things came into being through God? Make a list: trees, water, man, animals. John is establishing the Deity and sovereignty of Jesus Christ, and often our list of things that came into being through Him falls drastically short. Here are a few you might have left off your list:

1. Circumstances - Even the place we find ourself in came into being through Him. That is either very comforting, if your heart is in the right place, or very disconcerting if it is not. Consider the unsatisfied man: he says, "My circumstances are too bad to be from God," and by "too bad," he means "not what I want." Obviously there is merit to that argument since we deserve to get what we want right? We're in charge and everything revolves around us right? It is fortunate that God does not always give us what we want but, instead, what is ultimately good for us. Consider Job's circumstances. They weren't good in his eyes, and yet they came into being through God. God allowed him to suffer, and in the end, He worked it out for good. It ought to encourage us to realize that God engineered our circumstances. If they seem really bad, God intends to make something good of them (Romans 8:28). If they seem good, praise the Lord. No matter what our circumstances are, God is a part of them with us, and He will work it out for good.

2. Salvation - We were dead in our transgressions, but we have been made alive through the death and resurrection of Jesus. When John says, "we came into being through Him," it has a double meaning. Firstly, He created man. Secondly, He brought us out of death and darkness and into being (true existence) through His sacrifice. He provided a means of salvation, so it is only through Him and the covering of His blood that we can find true life, that we can "come into being." Before Christ died and rose from the dead, we were hopeless. Now, we have a new and living way, a chance at real life because Christ conquered literal death and our own personal death (that is, the dying present in our living). Never neglect to be thankful (especially on a day like this!) that you have been made alive through the work of Christ on the cross, which is the only way to be made alive.

3. Love - Imagine a world without love. Who would want to live there? Fortunately, we love. And it is because God first loved us that we love. Love was inaugerated by God, not by us. We did not invent love, although we have invented many cheap imitations of it, and have attempted to redefine it. From the beginning, God loved us. Consequently, the ability for us to love Him in return and to love each other came into being through Him. When I think of love, I'm always reminded of Keith Green's song, "You Put This Love in My Heart," and God really did put this love in our hearts. It was not there before Him and would not be there without Him. When was the last time you appreciated the ability to love? God wanted a creation that would love Him and worship Him, and that's what He created: men and women with the capacity to love and worship. It is a wonderful gift from God that we nearly always take for granted.

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